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The Aims of Education

Faculty of Education participates in the scientific symposium held at the University of Karbala on the aims of education
    Faculty of Education/ Information Section … In the framework of scientific cooperation between the corresponding departments in the Iraqi universities, a research team from the Dept of English at the Faculty of Education, chaired by Dr. Wiam al-Bayati, head of the department, and included the two lecturers: Majid Hemeed al-Hechchami and Raid Abdulhasan al-Banoon, has participated in the scientific symposium held by the Faculty of Education for Humanities at the University of Karbala entitled “Contact and Communication Towards Achieving the Aims of Education”. The team delivered three scientific researches: in the first, al-Bayati tackled the use of the Socratic method in an English language learning classroom, in the second, al-Hechchami discussed the contemporary British Theatre during Thatcher Era and in the final one, al-Banoon dealt with the oblique and direct techniques of translation.

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