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First-Stage Students’ Design Exam

Faculty of Education conducts a special exam for first-stage students via the programme MODAL in collaboration with the Research and Information Rehabilitation Centre
    Faculty of Education/ Information Section … The Department of Computer Science at the Faculty of Education/ Kufa University has organized a special exam for the students of the first stage in the subject of Design through the programme MODAL in cooperation with the Centre of Research and Information Rehabilitation. Mr. Abdul-Hussain Abdul-Hasan Al-Fadhili, a lecturer at the faculty, said that the exam included a bank of questions distributed randomly on students’ computers, ensuring that questions are not repeated to students and preventing cases of cheating. Al-Fadhili indicated that students are supposed to choose the correct answer from a group of options and over an hour. He confirmed that the test is a pioneering step at the faculty where it was supervised by the engineer Ahmed Abdul-Hamza Al-Jubouri.

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