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Dept of Maths Holds a Symposium

The Department of Mathematics Holds a Scientific Symposium
    Under the auspices of the Rector of Kufa University, Prof. Dr. Muhsin Al-Dhalimi and under the supervision of the Dean of the Faculty of Education Prof. Dr. Ali Khdhayir Hejji, the Dept of Mathematics is going to hold a scientific symposium entitled “Scientific Quality Assurance in Writing Theses and Dissertations” on the hall of the late Prof. Dr. Basim Baqir Jrew on Thursday 20/12/2108.
Objectives of the Symposium:
1-Informing the participants about the modern methods adopted in plagiarizing  researches and theses.
2. Familiarizing participants with the most important programmes used in plagiarism  at universities.
3. Discussing the mechanism of writing scientific researches.

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