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Dr. Julan’s Scientific Activities

Dr. Julan’s Scientific & Academic Activities
Dr. Julan Hussain Sani, a Lecturer at the Faculty of Education, and her most Prominent Scientific and Academic Activities
    Dr. Julan Hussain Judy Sani, a lecturer at the Faculty of Education/ University of Kufa, has participated in various scientific activities. Some of the most notable ones are the evaluation of a scientific research entitled “Space in Ali Kamalul-Deen Al-Fadhadi’s Short Stories, the Collection of Neighing of Galaxy as a model, and a linguistic evaluation of two doctoral dissertations: the first is entitled “The Assimilations of Nostalgia into contemporary Iraqi Painting” by Ali Ameen Sami and the second ” The Techniques of Graphic Uncovering and their Applications in Ceramics” by Naseer Hmood Abood. In addition, she participated  in the 2nd International Conference of the International Association of Creators in Iraq and composed a book entitled “Dr. Abdul-Rezzaq Muhyi-Aldeen’s Critical Effort between Theory and Application”.

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