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Developing Anti-Terrorism Laws

Faculty of Education at Kufa University Organizes a Symposium on the Development of Anti-Terrorism Laws in Light of the Rules of Islamic Legislation
    Faculty of Education/ Information Section … In the presence of the dean of the Faculty of Education/ Kufa University, Prof. Dr. Ali Khdhayir Hejji, and a number of lecturers and researchers, the Dept. of Quran Science has conducted a symposium on the development of anti-terrorism laws in light of the rules of Islamic legislation (the Anti-Terrorism Act No. 13 of 2005 as a model). It included a lecture by Dr. Kewakib Al-Fadhili, in which she presented a defining introduction about terrorism and terrorist crime in the eyes of the Islamic law and Sharia by applying the standards of terrorist crime to crimes similar to those treated by Sharia and knowing the appropriate punishment for them. Al-Fadhili analysed and discussed the Iraqi Anti-Terrorism Act No. 13 of 2005. Also, she stressed the need to activate a law to close shops and media institutions supporting terrorism, stop backing media programmes and keep goods under observance, scrutiny and stress if they encourage violence leading to facilitate terrorist acts.

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