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Educational and Behavioural Objectives

Dept. of Quran Science Conducts an Interactive Workshop about Educational and Behavioural Objectives and How to Employ them in the Study Material
    Faculty of Education/ Information Section … The Department of Quranic Science and Islamic Education at the Faculty of Education has conducted an interactive workshop for the third and fourth stages students about the educational and behavioural objectives and how to employ them in the study material according to Bloom’s taxonomy (BT) of educational objectives. It included a lecture by Dr. Ithar Al-Mayyahi, a lecturer at the faculty, in which she showed the educational objectives, their importance, sources and levels in the cognitive, emotional, psychological and kinetic fields. Also, Al-Mayyahi explained the BT of the levels of behavioural goals as well as the procedural phrasing list in the light of BT. She confirmed that the discussions and dialogues in the workshop were based on the students’ distribution in small groups.

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