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Publishing a Research in the Jour. of ARDCS

A Research Team at the Faculty of Education Publishes a Research in the American Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical & Control Systems
    Faculty of Education/ Information Section … A research team at the Faculty of Education/ Kufa University including Dr. Ahmed Al-Janabi and Dr. Saba Al-Yasiri, has published a scientific research entitled “The Analysis and Exploration of the Artistic Elements in the Artistic Images (Miniatures)” in the advanced journal in the field of dynamical and control systems, which is issued in America and classified according to Elsevier’s Ambassador – Scopus taxonomy. The team stated that the research comprises an analysis of the technical elements taken from Al-Qizwini Manuscript (QM) via using an algorithm based on a scheduling technique and capable of distinguishing miniatures in all the images contained in QM in comparison with close images in reality. The team added that the research is an initial step in the use of computing techniques in the field of art and artistic digital images. They confirmed that this research is the first at Kufa University that is conducted jointly by the two Departments of Art Education and Computer Science.

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