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the Development of the Abilities of Gifted Students

Faculty of Education Contributes Through Scientific Programmes to the Development of the Abilities of Gifted Students
    Faculty of Education/ Information Section … Prof. Abbas Noah Al-Musawi, a lecturer at the Faculty of Education at Kufa University, has contributed through scientific programmes to the development of the capacities of students of The Gifted Students School in Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf by assigning students to prepare lectures and seminars on modern scientific and psychological subjects using modern teaching methods based on dialogue; discussion; solving problems; brainstorming; moral controversy; installing dispersed stuff; critical and creative thinking strategies; higher thinking skills. Al-Musawi said that the programme was applied to students of the first and second stages of the intermediate school and the fourth and fifth ones of the preparatory indicating that this method is consistent with the goals of the school, praising its efforts and cooperation in implementing the programme. It’s noteworthy that the school includes students with special abilities and talents from different Middle Euphrates provinces.

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