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Lay the Concrete Foundations

Staffs of the Dept. of Engineering Affairs at Kufa University Begin to Lay the Concrete Foundations of the Building of New Classrooms at the Faculty of Education
    Faculty of Education/ Information Section … With continuous and accelerated daily efforts, staffs of the Dept. of Engineering Affairs at Kufa University have begun to lay the concrete foundations of the building of new classrooms at the Faculty of Education. The dean of the faculty, Dr. Ali Khdhayir Hejji said that the project comes to remove the bottlenecks in the halls as a result of receiving a large number of students according to the central acceptance, and also due to opening the Dept. of Mathematics because of the need for its graduates in the province of Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf. A-Hejji added that the project is supported financially by Najaf Province Council. It’s worth mentioning that this project is a part of a large project adopted by the faculty including building students’ club and model classrooms for the Dept. of Quran Science, noting that the building of the Dept. of Mathematics will be handed over to the faculty at the end of this year.

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