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Essentials of Writing Theses and Dissertations

Faculty of Education Holds a Workshop entitled “Essentials  of Writing Theses and Dissertations”
    Faculty of Education/ Information Section … The Faculty of Education has held a workshop for postgraduates in the university under the title “Essentials of Writing Theses and Dissertations”. It included a lecture delivered by Prof. Dr. Nidhal Al-Aabadi, a lecturer in the faculty, in which he showed the basic rules of writing theses and dissertations and their structure. He insisted on the conditions that should be followed in writing such as the layout of the pages; their formatting; type and size of font; figures; tables; appendices; type of paper; binding. Al-Aabadi mentioned that the workshop aims at helping students to write well-organized theses and dissertations in accordance with the fixed standards and avoid randomness.

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