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Heaven Weeping Procession

A Delegation of the Faculty of Education Visits Heaven Weeping Procession
Faculty of Education/ Information Section … A delegation headed by Prof. Dr. Ali Khdhayir Hejji, the dean of the Faculty of Education, including Dr. Niama Al-Asadi, the scientific assistant, and Mr. Sami Al-Thebhawi, the Administrative assistant, and a number of lecturers and civil servants in the faculty has visited the Heaven Weeping Procession and was acquainted with the type of service presented to the visitors of Imam Hussain (a.s.) in Al-Arbaaeen (The Fortieth) March  such as meals, water and other human and medical services. The delegation met a number of students participating in the procession services and discussed developing these them in future. It’s noteworthy that this procession was founded by the late dean of the faculty, Prof. Dr. Basim Baqir Jrew. It is located on Najaf-Karbala Road near column 354 opposite to Al-Kifl Check-Point.

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