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Faculty of Education Starts Registering Accepted Applicants in the Dept. of English/ Evening Study
    Faculty of Education/ Information Section … Students’ Affairs Section at the Faculty of Education has started registering accepted applicants in the Dept. of English/ Evening Study in accordance with procedures in force. The deanery said that accepted students should contact the faculty before the end of the working hours of Thursday, 15th of November, 2018 in order to provide them with an official note to their schools to bring a graduation certificate certified by the Directorate of Education as well as paying the yearly tuition fees, 1 million ID via a certified cheque from Al-Resheed Bank located in Kufa University Campus. The faculty confirmed that students ought to contact in the appointed time, otherwise they will be replaced by other candidates. It emphasized that evening study of the first year students in the Dept. of English will start officially on Sunday, the 18th of November.

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