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Mind Maps as a Model

Dept. of Quran Science and Islamic Education Holds a Workshop Entitled “Brain-Based Education: Mind Maps as a Model”
    Faculty of Education/ Information Section … in the presence of the lecturers of the Dept. of Quran Science and Islamic Education, a workshop entitled “Brain-Based Education: Mind Maps as a Model” has been held. It included many themes. The most important ones are: the emergence of brain-based education, its basic principles and types, how to enhance it in the classroom, mind maps and their prominent properties and features as well as steps of building mental maps and employing them in the holy Quranic verses. Also, the workshop comprised a lecture delivered by Dr. Ithar Al-Meyyahi in which she talked about the basics of data-transference to the neurons in the brain and the strategies which help in planning, learning and thinking via depending on painting on a single sheet of paper. In addition to this, Al-Mayyahi clarified that a mind map is a means used by the brain to organize and form ideas in a way admitting their flux opening the way to radiant thinking and spread of thoughts from the centre to all directions.

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