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University Rector Honours Dr. Faris Al-Sultani

University Rector Honours Dr. Faris Al-Sultani
    Faculty of Education/ Information Section … In the quest of the University of Kufa to encourage and support its lecturers and researchers, the Rector of the University of Kufa,  Prof. Dr. Muhsin Al-Dhalimi has honoured Dr. Faris Hasan Al-Sultani due to his obtainment of the title of professorship wishing him success in developing the educational process. In this occasion, Al-Sultani delivered a scientific lecture entitled “Features of the Linguistic Lesson between Orientalists and Arabic scholars” through which he stressed that the Arabic language has received the attention of researchers as it is the language of the Holy Quran, the Prophet’s Tradition and the eternal heritage. Hence, the researchers have enriched the Arabic library via following a new method in studying the language.
Al-Sultani added that the orientalists rely on balancing languages, a characteristic of the 19th century, which is called the age of the counterbalances. Also, the General Secretariat of the Mosque of Kufa, the deanery of the Faculty of Education and a number of lecturers have honoured Al- Sultani and offered him sincere congratulations on this occasion. It should be noted that the honouring ceremony was attended by a number of academic and official figures.

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