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Regulation of Job Conduct

Regulation of Job Conduct and Public Service Ethics
    Faculty of Education/ Information Section … The Faculty of Education at the University of Kufa has organized a training course entitled “The Regulation of Job Conduct and Public Service Ethics” for a number of members of the Integrity Staff and the Directorate of Martyrs of Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf on the hall of the deceased Prof. Dr. Basim Baqir Jrew. Dr. Ali Khdhayir Hejji, the dean of the faculty, mentioned that the general goal of the course is to acquaint the participants with the concepts of job conduct and service ethics, adding that the course addressed the topics of integrity, transparency, mechanisms of employee protection, the concept of public service ethics and its relationship to traditions, and the ethics of dealing with individuals – rights and duties (applied models) as well as job needs, theory of needs, and public service ethics from the Islamic perspective (successful Islamic models).

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