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Elite Channel Applicants’ Test

  Faculty of Education Administers Elite Channel Applicants’ Test
    Faculty of Education/ Information Section … Elite Channel applicants’ test has been administered at the Faculty of Education. It was managed by a committee chaired by Dr. Muhsin Al-Aabadi, the scientific assistant of the president of the University of Kufa, with the membership of the deans’ assistants of the Faculties of Law, Education, Education for Women, Essential Education and Administration and Economics and the director of Students’ Affairs in the presidency of the University of Kufa. The test included questions about general information, English, Arabic and personal skills.
The test has been taken by eighteen applicants from scientific and literary branches in the preparatory school whose averages are 90 and above. It’s worth mentioning that Elite Channel has been founded recently in accordance with the cabinet’s decision No. 1999 for the year 2018. Accepted applicants will be given a 150.000 ID monthly salary during their undergraduate study. After graduation, they will have been contracted to the administrative, legal and educational institutions.

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