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Imam Ali’s System of Rights

Imam Ali’s System of Rights
    Faculty of Education/ Information Section … Both Dr. Amel Al-Hussaini and Dr. Kewakib Al-Fadhili, lecturers at the Faculty of Education, have participated in the festival “Ali (a.s.) is our Ideal” which was held by the Holy Shrine of Imam Ali on the occasion of Imam Ali’s Birthday. In her research entitled “Imam Ali’s System of Rights”, Dr. Amel Al-Hussaini made a comparison between human rights related to Imam Ali (a.s.) and those of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The second research was by Dr. Kewakib Al-Fadhili under the title “Political, Intellectual and Military Sides of the State of Imam Ali (a.s)”. In this research, Al-Fadhili explained the intellectual bases on which the state of Imam Ali was built and how he dealt with his political opponents.

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