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The Role of School Theatre

A Workshop at the Faculty of Education entitled “The Role of School Theatre in Shaping the Student’s Personality
    Faculty of Education/ Information Section … The Dept. of Art Education at the Faculty of Education has held a workshop for post-graduates. It was under the title “The Role of School Theatre in Shaping Student’s Personality.
The workshop included a lecture delivered by Dr. Qabas Ibraheem Al-Shimmeri in which she talked about the modern educational techniques such as cinema, television, computer and theatre in the area of education and the mechanism of their joining and mixing with teaching experience in an integrated framework.
Al-Shimmeri confirmed that the use of indirect ways to convey knowledge and behavioural patterns is more effective and deep-rooted. She stressed that school theatre is one of the educational institutions that contribute in shaping the student’s personality via performed theatre texts which express the written mental product in the various fields of knowledge directed to students in the different stages of study.

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