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Issues a Book

Dr. Serwan Issues a Book entitled “Discussions in the Linguistic Basics of Fundamental Categories”
    Faculty of Education/ Information Section … A new book entitled “Discussions in the Linguistic Basics of Fundamental Categories: A Reading in some of Shia Scholars’ Categories from a Quranic Perspective” has been issued. It was compiled by Dr. Serwan Abdulzahra Al-Janabi, a lecturer at the Faculty of Education/ University of Kufa. It includes an analytical reading of a number of verbal evidence issues in order to interrogate the basis on which they depended as regards the concepts and rules, which are linguistic in their views, fundamental in their description and jurisprudential in their intention.
The book explained the mechanism of joining those concepts and rules in the logic of the Quranic text analysis since it is the optimal persuasive means which leads to the authenticity of that concept as concerns its structure or that rule as regards the soundness of its semantic product on the level of text reading in the original application field.

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