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Students’ Activities Project

Presidency of Kufa University Launches Students’ Activities Project in Collaboration with the Dept. of Art Education at the Faculty of Education
    Faculty of Education/ Information Section … The president of the University of Kufa, Prof. Dr. Muhsin Al-Dhalimi, has launched Students’ Activities Project in collaboration with the Dept. of Art Education. This happened during a meeting between him and a delegation headed by the dean of the Faculty of Education, Prof. Dr. Ali Khdhayir Hejji, and including a number of lecturers and students from the Dept. of Art Education in both the morning and evening studies. The two parties agreed that the students and under the supervision of their lecturers will draw murals in the university campus portraying the scientific and religious civilization and heritage of the two holy cities of Najaf and Kufa.
Also, they will make handwritings in Arabic calligraphy representing verses from the Holy Quran and the Traditions of the Prophet and the Infallible Imams (a.s.) as well as making artistic works focusing on voluntary campaigns encouraging students to maintain university cleanliness and pay field visits to poor families and patients especially those suffering from cancer. On his part, the dean expressed his thanks and appreciation to the president of the university for giving the students this opportunity to express their creative talents and energies.

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