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Karbala Heritage with Academic Eyes

University of Kufa and Faculty of Education Participate in a Scientific Symposium about Karbala Heritage with Academic Eyes
    Faculty of Education/ Information Section … The presidency of the University of Kufa and the Deanery of the Faculty of Education participate in the scientific symposium entitled: “Karbala Heritage with Academic Eyes” which is held by the Holy Shrine of Abbas in collaboration with the University of Kufa. The delegation of the university includes Dr. Muhsin Al-Aabadi, the scientific assistant of the president of the university, lecturer Sami Al-Thebhawi, deputy dean of the Faculty of Education, and a number of lecturers and researchers in the university. Al-Thebhawi mentions that the participation of the faculty is represented by delivering two researches. The first is by Dr. Ali Khdhayir Hejji, a lecturer in the faculty, in which he deals with narrators’ theories of Abi Ali Al-Haari. The second is delivered by Dr. Hajjer Dwayir, a lecturer in the faculty. It is about Sheikh Muhammed Mahdi Al-Naraqi’s works. Al-Thebhawi adds that the symposium is attended by academic and religious figures, researchers, specialists and students. It’s worth mentioning that as a head of the symposium session, Dr. Ali Hejji calls for celebrating the 50th anniversary of the death of the scholar Sheikh Agha Buzruk Al-Tahrani. The symposium rounds off with a number of recommendations and honouring the participating researchers.

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