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the Koran project electronic

Faculty of Education / Information … College of Education is looking to launch the Koran project electronic in cooperation with the holy Abbasid threshold
The Dean of the Faculty of Education at the University of Kufa, Dr. Ali Khudair Hajji and Dr. Nidal Al-Abadi, taught at the College and designed the Holy Koran project with a delegation from the Holy Quran Institute / Najaf branch of the holy Abbasid threshold headed by Muhanad Al-Maily. Abbadi told the delegation full study of the project with a detailed explanation of the idea of ​​the project and its objectives, characteristics and characteristics. Abadi explained that the project consists of two parts. The first is for people who are able to hear and speak in order to help them recite the Quran, He also pointed out that the project was designed in Arabic and English, and includes many specifications that help in the process of reading and reciting, and conducting quick searches to reach the walls, verses and words.
The two sides also discussed the prospects of cooperation in the field of scientific research on Quranic and Islamic education, The College of Education is working to launch a series of e-learning projects based on the experience and teaching staff

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