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Educational Guidance Committees

The Dean Presides a Meeting of the Members of Educational Guidance Committees
    Faculty of Education/ Information Section … Prof. Dr. Al Khdhayir Hejji, Dean of the Faculty of Education , presides a meeting of the educational guidance committees in the departments of the faculty. The meeting is attended by the Dean’s assistant for scientific affairs, Prof. Dr. Niama Al-Asadi. The meeting stresses on the necessity of educational guidance, students’ mental and social attitudes and the habits and traditions of Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf province. The meeting aims at raising the educational and ethical levels of students. Also, it discusses the strengths and weaknesses of educational guidance and the mechanisms of discovering students’ skills and potentials in order to enhance and develop them. The meeting decides to fix an actual weekly guidance hour in the study timetable and open a record for each student in which general information about him/her is written down as well as form main and secondary committees. At the end, some guidance directions are presented by both, Dr. Fadhil Al-Mayyali and Dr. Niama Al-Asadi.


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