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Developing the Efficiency of Prosthetics

A Lecturer in the Faculty Makes a Research Project about Developing the Efficiency of Prosthetics
    Faculty of Education/Information Section … Dr. Inas Yehya Abdullah Al-Salami, a lecturer in the Faculty of Education, presents a research project to develop the efficiency of prosthetics in collaboration with the Dept. of Biomedicine Engineering in Al-Nehrayn University and Dept. of Mathematics in the Faculty of Science in Baghdad University. Al-Salami mentions that the project aims at developing increasing the efficiency of prosthetics for the handicapped and decreasing pain resulting from daily movement which hinders the disabled to do their daily biological actions. She confirms the importance of the study stating that it leads to lessening the sufferings of many amputees and patients with damaged joints especially the old ones. In other words, the study attempts to enable an important social group to complete their daily life with less suffering.

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