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Meeting of Quality Representatives

Faculty of Education Holds a Meeting of Quality Representatives in the Scientific Departments
    Faculty of Education/ Information Section … Prof. Dr. Ali Khdhayir Hejji, the dean of the Faculty of Education, presides a meeting of quality representatives in the scientific departments. The meeting discusses the mechanisms of documenting each lecturer’s activities in the information, activating e-mails of official letters, confirming holding workshops, symposiums and conferences and documenting them in an administrative order for each activity and enhancing the culture of publishing researches. It affirms the necessity to evaluate the lecturer who publishes more than two researches in a month. Also, the meeting assures the need for holding workshops which acquaint researchers with the scientific journals for humanities. Continuous courses acquainting with the lecturer evaluation form are indispensable as well. Furthermore, the meeting stresses the ways of motivating lecturers to publish their lectures in the specified electronic sites and writing special syllabuses after getting the agreement of the scientific committee in addition to having periodic meetings with the scientific committees of each department for the sake of discussing the most advantageous curriculum for the students.


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