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Heads a Textbook Authorship Committee

Dean of the Faculty of Education Heads a Textbook Authorship Committee in the Shi’ite Awqaf Office
    Faculty of Education/ Information Section … A Textbook Authorship Committee headed by Prof. Dr. Ali Khdhayir Hejji, Dean of the Faculty of Education, with the membership of a number of specialized lecturers, issues a scientific textbook entitled: “Science of Hadith: Methodology of Narrators” for the Dept. of Religious Education and Islamic Studies which is an affiliate of the Shi’ite Awqaf Office. Dr. Ali mentions that the textbook comprises important subjects related to narrators of Hadith (biography, origin and works), their books and methodology in writing the Prophet’s Tradition, their effect in understanding how to write down the Traditions and the way of categorizing the Tradition by Imamia and other Islamic schools. He indicates that theses subjects agree with the mental ability of the student in the preparatory school. He ascertains that the textbook is issued to meet the incentives and needs of the students and be in harmony with the educational objects of the preparatory stage.


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