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Doctrinal Deviations and Political Exploitation

Faculty of Education Holds a Symposium about the Doctrinal Deviations and Political Exploitation
    Faculty of Education/Information Section … A symposium entitled “The Doctrinal Deviations and Political Exploitation” is held in the Faculty. It is attended by a number of the staffs in the offices of Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf province. It includes a lecture delivered by Dr. Muhammed Kadhim Al-Fetlawi, a lecturer in the faculty. He shows that the doctrine is the basic incentive of human behaviours and it is the essence of existence. He explains that authoritarian leaders misunderstand some of the doctrinal concepts and exploit them for their political purposes to confer legitimacy on them. He ascertains the necessity to pay attention to the behavioural and ideological deviations and immunize the youth against them. He refers to the fact that Imam Hussain’s Revolution is the decisive divider that diagnoses the deviation and untruth and make them clear. He explains that we are in need to return to the Prophet’s chaste progeny (a.s.).

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