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the Baber International Conference

Professor at the Faculty of Education participates in the Baber International Conference on Human Sciences
Dr. Kawkab Al-Fadhli participated in the International Conference on Human Sciences at the University of Al-Ania Alaeddin Kiko Bat in Turkey under the catchphrase (Look Towards Future) in cooperation with the Turkish Center for Studies and Research. More than 550 male and female researchers from around the world, including 130 male and female researchers from Iraqi universities participated in the conference. Al-Fadhli said that the participation came in a scientific research entitled “The motives of jihad between Islamic law and the letter of penance.” She added that the research is between Islam, subject to the law of the creator of the universe, and that any conflict with the interest that God commands in the land, there must be solutions, whether peaceful or violent. Al-Fadhli pointed out that the research tackled the concept of jihad in Islam and the accusations of the Islamic religion as a religion calling for violence, especially after the increase of killing and aggression in the name of religion and calling for the worship of people to God. The logic of killing and rebelling relying on a special understanding of the text and fatwas radical Marjaeh justify the concept of killing under the name of Islam, The second topic about the subject of jihad and the conditions of duty, among the third section, the reasons for the jihad.

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