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Firmness in Religion

A Symposium in the Faculty of Education about the Books of Firmness in Religion
Faculty of Education/ Information Section … Dept. of Quran Science in the Faculty of Education holds a symposium about the books of the method of firmness in religion. It is attended by a number of lecturers and students in the Faculty. It included an explanatory lecture delivered by Dr. Ali Khdhayir Hejji. He shows the importance of Sayid Muhammedbaqir Alsistany’s book “The Fact of Religion”. He explain that the book is very important for people in the present time. The book comprises the theoretical and practical mind perceptions, the necessity of firmness in religion and the method of conviction in the Holy Quran as compared to that of natural disposition. The lecturer ascertains the dire need to guide university students in general and students in the departments of Islamic education in the faculties of education in particular to acquaint themselves with such books in order to be firm and steadfast in their belief and be capable of facing young men’s religious suspicions in the intermediate and preparatory schools.

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