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Launch a Cleaning Campaign

Students in the Dept. of English Launch a Cleaning Campaign
 Faculty of Education/ Information Section … Under the follow-up of both the proxy dean of the faculty, Mr. Sami Al-Thebhawi, and the presidency of the dept. of English, the students in the department launch a cleaning campaign of the internal and external passageways and study halls of the department as well as the surrounding gardens. Al-Thebhawi mentions that the campaign is done voluntarily as the students feel that it is their responsibility to keep their department clean. Mr. Sami adds that it is not the first but it is preceded by other maintenance works. He assures that the cleaning campaign will be repeated every Thursday. He gives praise to these exerted efforts which increase the national awareness and spread the values of cooperation and good manners. The students, in turn, express their great happiness in participating in such different voluntary activities.

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