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Miraculousness in the Quranic Text

Dr. Serwam Al-Janabi issues a new book entitled: “Miraculousness in the Quranic Text: A Reading in its Concept and Facets”
    Faculty of Education/Information Section … A new book entitled “Miraculousness in the Quranic Text: A Reading in its Concept and Facets” by Dr. Serwan Al-Janabi is issued in the Faculty of Education/University of Kufa. Al-Janabi states that the book is a serious and aware study in the scope of the modern Quranic theorizations. He says that it  is an attempt to purify the concept of Miraculousness (Miracle) from the ideational defects whether intended or not. He adds that the book tackles the conditions of miracle, the differences between miracle and diabolism (sorcery) and the facets of Miraculousness in the Quranic text. The most important ones are the linguistic, rhetoric, scientific, numeral, metaphysical and legislative aspects. Also, the author shows that the book comprises an analysis of all the Quranic texts and divine evidence which are quoted to manifest the miraculous aspect in the Holy Quran.


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