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Family Guidance: A Training Course

Prof. Abbas Noah Al-Musawi issues a book entitled: “Family Guidance: A Training Course
    Faculty of Education/ Information Section … The Methodical Publishing House in the Kingdom of Jordan Issues a new book entitled “Family Guidance: A Training Course” by Prof. Abbas Noah Al-Musawi, a lecturer in the Dept. of Computer Science in the Faculty. The book includes an introduction and four chapters. The first deals with the concept of Family Guidance, the family problem, steps of family guidance and the types of families as regards their ways of treating adolescents. The second chapter explains the concept of enhancement and the ways of its application on sons, the upbringing which is free from psychological crises, the phenomenon of intimacy between husbands and wives inside families and its reflections on family life. Third chapter discusses communication strategies with sons. The last chapter handles designing precautionary and developmental workshops about multi phenomena especially security, respect, system, generosity and courage. By the way, Al-Musawi has other three works about educational psychology and different educational subjects. Also, he has a large number of participations in the symposiums, workshops and conferences which concerns the educational and family aspects.

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