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Fundamentals of Treating People

A Workshop in the Faculty of Education/University of Kufa entitled “Fundamentals of Treating People”
Faculty of Education/ Information Section … The Faculty of Education holds a workshop entitled “Fundamentals of Treating People”. It is attended by the public servants of the Martyrs Institution and Honesty Organization in Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf. In this workshop, Prof. Abbas Noah Al-Musawi, who is a lecturer in the above-mentioned faculty, delivers a lecture in which he talks about the biological, health and psychological basics of dealing people. He discusses health essentials which include the safety of both the senses and the body. In addition to this, he shows that the moral basics comprise accepting the citizen as he/she is, keeping the secrecy of information and avoiding imposing one’s opinion. Finally, the lecturer clarifies the social fundamentals such as the habits, traditions, values, citizen’s social roles, the social institutions in which he/she is grown up and those to which he/she belongs. The workshop aims at acquainting participants with the fundamentals of treating people.

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