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A Research Group

A Research Group in the Faculty of Education Issues a Research in the International Journal of Engineering and Technology (Scopus)
Faculty of Education/ Information Section … A research group, including both lecturer Sami Al-Thebhawi and Asst. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al-Adilee, issues a research entitled “A Generalization of the Bounds of Copulas on Quantum Logic” in the International Journal of Engineering & Technology (Scopus). The research deals with the generalization of the minimal and maximal bound of copula function, which is known as Lesser & Greater Functions on the Quantum Logic via using one of the quantum logics mathematically known as Orthomodular Lattice. The research explains a group of definitions and properties which include expanding the extent of the bounds of copula function. Both researchers prove that the new types of these functions have characteristics different from and more complicated than the essential functions. It’s worth mentioning that the practical application of the subject is to use these functions to obtain optimization.

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