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motivation and regularity of cognitive activity in learning

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motivation and regularity of cognitive activity in learning at the Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education organized a lecture on the motivation and regularity of cognitive activity in learning by Dr. Fadhil Al- Al-Mayali.  In the presence, the President of the University of Kufa, Dr. Mohsen Al-Dhlami, the Dean of the Faculty of Education, Mr. Sami Al-Dhahabawi, and a number of deans of the faculties, official and academic figures, students of the College. The lecture was about the notion of motivation to identify the forces that motivate and influence the behavior by directing it to a specific goal and focus on the mental powers such as self-efficacy and beliefs of excellence and causal attribution, goal setting and self-regularity, showing the strongest guide to behavior and provider of vitality and continuity. The President of the University, Dr. Mohsen Al-Dhalmi congratulated the University and the Shield of Scientific Creativity on the occasion of his receiving the title of Professor. The Dean’s Undersecretary, Professor Sami Al-Dhahbawi, also congratulated the Deanship of the Faculty of Education. Dr. Fadhil Al-Malayali honored by the Faculty of education at University of Kufa.
Assistant Professor Dr
Fadel Mohsen Yousef Al – Mayali
University of Kufa / Faculty of Education
Republic of Iraq – Najaf Governorate
[email protected] E-mail
Master and PhD in Education and Psychology
Psychology from Mustansiriya University
Baghdad, Iraq;
Research Interests:
1. Applications of learning theories
2. Cognitive learning.
3. Personal in the educational field.
4. Social issues in educational psychology.
5. Psychological and educational guidance in the field of education.
Teaching Interests:
1. Cognitive Psychology
2. Personal psychology
3. Educational Psychology
4. Learning theories
5. Measurement and evaluation
6. Social Psychology

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