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Qur’anic dialogue seminar

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The Faculty of Education participates in the Qur’anic dialogue seminar held at the Holy Husseiniya threshold
Dr. Mohammed Kazem Al-Fatlawi participated in the symposium of the Qur’anic dialogue held in the Holy Quran House of the General Secretariat of the Holy Husseiniya threshold on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of its founding. Al-Fatlawi said that the symposium was held under the title ” The echo of the Quran is a way to build man on the guidance of the al-Thaqlin” He Added that the seminar illustrated that the Quranic approach is the foundation for building an active and working man in all fields of life. He also pointed out that the year of infallibility is equivalent to the Quranic texts in terms of importance, as is evident in the hadeeth of al-Thaqlin.


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