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Faculty of Education at the University of Kufa held its third scientific conference on art and technology – lighting knowledge in the development of cities
The conference held at the Faculty of Education entitled “ Art and Technology – Lighting knowledge in the Development of Cities”  in cooperation with the General Secretariat of the Kufa Mosque, the group of Travel and Tourism, in the presence of President of Kufa University, Dr. Mohsen Al- Dalimi and numbers of the deans of the faculties, official and academic figures, researchers and specialists in the field of arts and heritage. Sami Al- Dabhawi said that the conference aims to unite the Islamic identity in the Arab urban monuments, and the use of digital graphic design in urban decorating and upgrading the aesthetic reading of the Islamic heritage in urban design. As well as, the identification of the transformations of visual discourse in the light of contemporary technology and its effects on the urban environment, and the presentation of the expertise of scientific specialists in the art galleries in the construction of cultural landmarks. AL-Dubhawi added that the conference tackles several topics, the most important of which are the center of technology and heritage, the axis of technological development and contemporary arts, technology and the development of aesthetic awareness, and the axis of the impact of modern design in urban architecture. The first session was given by Dr. Makki Omran from the University of Babylon, where he dealt with the technology of graphic and cognitive transformations. The second by Dr. Asem al-Budairi from the Hodeidah mosque in Yemen, where he talked about the transformations of art and technology. The third was by Dr. Saad Fawzi Al Nuaimi From the University of Diyala and title (Architecture: Is art or engineering?). The first paper was presented by Dr. Angham Al-Athari from the University of Baghdad on the impact of modern design in the development of cities, and the second by Dr. Ali Naji Attia about the city of Najaf: a threatened urban identity.

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