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Folder for the educational guidance

The College of Mixed Education issues the introductory folder for the educational guidance and direction unit

College of Education / Media …. issued by the unit of educational guidance and direction in the college of mixed education, its own introductory folder, and the dean of the college, Dr. Sirwan Al-Janabi, stated that the college sought to activate the guiding aspect to take its true position in the hearts of students because it represents the attainment of the attainment of divine guidance and duty The executive of the heavenly request, for his part, the unit’s official, Dr. Muhammad al-Fatlawi, said that the folder includes the vision, the message, the importance of educational guidance, goals, and the tasks of the educational and psychological guide.

And the responsibility and role of the student and the student, Al-Fatlawi stressed that the unit was found to help the student in many areas, the most important of which is urging the student to participate in academic and extra-curricular activities, and helping students to make the most of the e-learning site in the college.

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