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A master’s thesis

The College of Mixed Education discusses a master’s thesis entitled (The Iraqi Artistic Monument after 2003, Its Reality and Educational Systems)
The College of Education / Media … A master’s thesis was discussed in the Department of Art Education for the student Nour Mujbel Aziz, entitled (The Iraqi Artistic Monument after 2003, Its Reality and Educational Systems), at the College of Mixed Education at the University of Kufa, which dealt with the systems of the human society (the social and educational system), And art, artistic monuments and the social role, and the message reached the achievement of some sculptural artistic achievements, cultural communication and transmission of heritage through direct and indirect intercourse and inspiration for the cultural heritage with contemporary visions, In addition to the diversity of the monument’s artistic functions, between social, educational, political, or legal because of the overlap of relations and the dominance of community systems. The discussion committee consisted of Dr. Imad Hammoud Twaij as Chairman, Dr. Kanaan Ghadhban Al-Shawhani, Dr. Amal Al-Ghazali as a member, Dr. Saba Al-Yasiri as a member and supervisor and Dr. Inas Mahdi as a scientific evaluator Dr. Golan Hussein Judi is linguistically based.

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