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discussing a master’s thesis

The College of Mixed Education is discussing a master’s thesis on (the effect of hologram technology on the achievement of students of the Department of Art Education in the Anatomy course)
The Faculty of Education / Media … A master’s thesis was discussed at the College of Mixed Education at the University of Kufa entitled (The effect of hologram technology on the achievement of art education department students in the anatomy course). Dr. Imad Twaij, the supervisor of the research, stated that the thesis aims to know a technique Holocaust, its mechanism of operation and its utilization, as well as its use in teaching anatomy, Twig added that one of the most important results of the study is that the three-dimensional applications and techniques are multiple and varied, and that holograms help in holograms to attract the viewer’s interest, and that hologram technology is an advanced virtual environment suitable for both large and small institutions alike, in addition to the contribution of hologram technology in addressing learning difficulties. To develop the sensory and visual perception through the third dimension, this thesis was approved with an appreciation of excellence.

The discussion committee consisted of:
Assistant Professor Dr. Haider Raouf Saeed … Chairman
Assistant Professor Dr. Samer Ahmad Kurdi …. Member
Assistant Professor Dr. Mahdi Abdul-Amir Al-Tafili …. Member
Assistant Professor Dr. Emad Hammoud Twaij … member and supervisor
Assistant Professor Dr. Hamid Khudair Hasnat …. scientifically based
Assistant Professor Mjbel Aziz Jassim ………….. scientific denominator

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