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Publishes a Scientific Research

A Professor from the Faculty of Education Publishes a Scientific Research in an International Journal Classified within SOCPS Containers
Faculty of Education/ Information Section…………..The Xi’an Journal of Chinese Architecture and Technology, classified within (SCOPES) containers, published a research paper by Dr. Iythar Al-Mayahi who is a professor at the Department of Quranic Sciences and Islamic Education at the Faculty of Education at the University of Kufa under title “Effectiveness of the Harvesting Strategy in Achievement and Mental Motivation for Students at Department of Physics – College of Education” which is published in China.
Al-Mayahi said that the idea of the research was based on using a strategy of modern teaching strategies that enhance students’ thinking skills and increase their mental motivation towards learning and that in its steps the learner is the center of the educational process. So, education in this case is responsible for making the learner to think in an effective, skillful way and to deeply process cognitive information. Learners face many problems in their scientific and real life, and solving these problems, needs a mind capable of thinking in an intelligent way to provide multiple solutions to the problems they face.
Al Mayahi added that the importance of research came as a result of the tremendous amount of knowledge and rapid developments in various fields of science. The primary concern of educators became helping the learner to cope with these developments.
 The researcher believes that modern education seeks to focus on the role of students in the educational process, therefore educational curricula must be up to date with scientific and technological development, social changes, age requirements and the needs of the learner.

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