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A Professor from the Faculty of Education Participates in the International Conference Held by the American Academy in Cooperation with University of Diyala
Faculty of Education / Information Section
Dr. Ether al-Mayahi a teaching professor at the Faculty of Education at the University of Kufa participated with a scientific research entitled “An Evaluation Study of the Efficiency of E-learning Platforms in Terms of Pros, Cons and Constraints from the Students Point of View’’ in the international conference held by the American International Academy for E-learning in cooperation with the University of Diyala and under the slogan “Towards a Future Vision for the post-COVID 19 world”.
Al-Mayahi said that the research dealt with the negative impact of Coronavirus epidemic on the field of education and the resulting actions that led to the closure of educational institutions at all levels and the suspension of education and most educational activities for an unknown period. In addition to the use of distance learning platforms and online communication between teachers and students in order to communicate the study material in an alternative to traditional education.

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