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Issues the Introductory Guide

Dr. Muhammad Kazem Al-Fatlawi Issues the Introductory Guide for the Unit of Educational Guidance and Psychological Counselling
Faculty of Education / Information Section
Dr. Muhammad Kadhim al-Fatlawi, a professor at the Faculty of Education at the University of Kufa, issued an introductory guide to the unit of Educational Guidance and Psychological Counselling. Al-Fatlawi said that the guide shows an important selection of responsibilities, goals, message, and vision of guidance counselors as well as students responsibilities.
Al-Fatlawi continued that the guide helps explain the importance of counseling and positive teacher-student interaction and how to create an appropriate academic environment for the student.
It is worth mentioning that Dr. Al-Fatlawi has become the head of Educational Guidance and Psychological Counselling Unit at the Faculty.

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