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Acceptance Letter for Publication

Professor Dr. Amal Al-Husseini Obtains Acceptance Letter for Publication in Wameed Al-fikr Journal for Researches
Faculty of Education / Information Section ………..Dr. Amal Al-Husseini, a teaching instructor at the Department of Quranic Sciences and Islamic Education in the Faculty of Education at the University of Kufa and Director of the Quality Division at the Faculty, has obtained an acceptance letter of publishing her research in the Lebanese journal Wamid Al-Fikr for Research of the National Society for Culture and Development which is issued in Beirut under the title (Four Women in the Scope of Divine Selection in the Quranic Text).
Al-Mayyahi said that one of the most important goals of any educational system is to bring about integration, inclusion and coordination between the different aspects of growth for students, in order to reach the goals of the educational process.
She added that modern education seeks to confirm the role of students in the educational process. Therefore, educational curricula must keep up to date with scientific and technological development, social changes, age requirements and the needs of the learner.
Al-Husseini said that the research deals with subject of divine selection for women, given that selection is not only for men without women. A woman can reach the degree of divine selection, and even set as an example in the Qur’an for those who believe from men and women. Al-Husseini added that there are four women, who are Asia, the daughter of Muzahim, the wife of Pharaoh, Maryam, the daughter of Imran, Khadija, the daughter of Khwailid, and Fatima al-Zahra (peace be upon them all).

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