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Second Exceptional Meeting Online

The Faculty of Co-Education Council Holds its Second Exceptional Meeting Online
Faculty of Education/ Information Section…………The Faculty of Co-Education council held its second exceptional meeting online on Google Meet™.  The online meeting was chaired by dean of the Faculty Dr. Sirwan al-Janabi, in the presence of the administrative and scientific assistants and all heads of scientific departments for the morning and evening studies. The meeting discussed instructions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research on e-learning during quarantine due to COVID-19 pandemic and the effort that the Crisis Cell is doing through utilizing all necessary medical capabilities and laboratories to cope with the pandemic.
The meeting touched on the educational dimension in dealing with students and overcoming difficulties that they may face. In addition to that, the meeting dealt with ways of conducting courses, workshops and educational, informative and scientific symposiums on e-learning and its importance as an important aspect of confronting COVID-19 pandemic.

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