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What is the term ISIS?

What is the term ISIS?
Prof. Kwakib of Ahmed al-Fadhli
Department of Quranic Sciences and Islamic Education
College of Education – University of Kufa
First: Definition of the origin of the word:
The researchers concluded that the word (ISIS) is rooted in the word (Daii Ish), which in Hebrew means more fire as it approximates and agrees with the text of the infallible (P) in describing ISIS on the one hand and its general guidance in the fight against Islam has been reported by Imam al-Baqir (upon him) Peace) that its slogan (Lord of revenge and fiery), that is, Lord, I seek revenge, even if entering the fire.
In another definition of ISIS: it is a Salafi organization that aims to implement Sharia and revive the Islamic caliphate through violence under the title of jihad.
Second: The relationship between the term “ISIS” and the term “isis”
The apparent matter is that the term ISIS is the acronym for the Islamic State’s first words in Iraq and the Levant. The Spanish Minister of State for Security, Francesco Matinez, had earlier called on the media to use the term ISIS instead of the Islamic State. And (Isis): they are deities of the ancient Egyptians, and they are the ones who gave birth to Horse, the holy son of the ancient Egyptian trinity, called the Devil’s Eye, which sees everything and controls everything called the Eye of Horses, which is the Masonic symbol found on the American dollar. Horse is the Masonic concept of Christ Horus is the direct son of ISIS and is the last stone missing from the pyramid of Freemasonry, so the word (isis) is ISIS and it refers to the sun’s eye and the rituals of its worship that actually showed that it worships Satan in its legalization of blood and distortion of the image of Islam in the eyes of the human world.
The term raises an important issue for many companies and features around the world that are currently circulating or calling them by the same name that they called since the ancient Egyptians on their goddess “Isis” and an American woman called Isis Matinez had begged for the American media to confirm the truth of the name the correct translation and what is meant without distortion And not to use the same name “Isis”.
It appears to us that the (ISIS) movement is an armed organization that started its formation on October 15/15/2006. It adopts the takfiri ideology that derives from the womb of Wahhabism who follow the approach of Ahmed bin Taymiyyah, who does not pertain to Islam with any connection in terms of origins, controls, concepts, and applications led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi after its leaders. By Abu Amr al-Baghdadi, who belongs to this movement. Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan led by Ayman al-Zawahiri, and suicide operations adopt a method for it. Its members, who are of Arab and international nationalities, aim to restore the Islamic caliphate in Iraq and Syria.
The Egyptian Grand Mufti, Dr. Shawky Allam, affirmed that Islam is innocent from the actions of the terrorist organization ISIS, and all Muslims denounce their actions and other terrorist organizations that destroy the country and its people.

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