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The right to breastfeed for the child and its importance

The right to breastfeed for the child and its importance
Prof. Kwakib of Ahmed al-Fadhli
Department of Quranic Sciences and Islamic Education
College of Education – University of Kufa
The child has rights that parents have to fulfill for him, and these rights start from the moment of birth, including the right to breastfeeding:
Evidence in the Noble Qur’an on the legitimacy and importance of breastfeeding for the young is contained in the following texts:
The Almighty said [And the mothers breastfeed their children for two whole years, for whoever wants to complete breastfeeding ….] ()
And the Almighty saying [If they suck you, then they will lose their wages and pass among you, and if you persevere, you will breastfeed others] ()
According to the first verse, the street made the period of breastfeeding for which the mother deserves the reward for breastfeeding the young, in the first two years of the child’s life. ().
As for the second verse, it also indicates the legitimacy of breastfeeding in order to save the child, as the verse obliges the young father to pay the rent to the mother of the child when he is breastfeeding, and if it is difficult for this fee, he must rent another woman who is breastfeeding the child.
We conclude from the above that if breastfeeding was not legitimate and the life of the young person did not depend on it, God Almighty would not have required in the text to pay the wages for him in the event that the mother was divorced (separate from the father). Milk is the only food for a child because he is unable to eat and chew food because the teeth are not yet formed.
The effect of breast milk on the baby
We learned in the foregoing that the mother’s milk, which is an extraordinary food for the whole child, and the job of every mother is to breastfeed her child, so milk is a useful, complete, and safe food. To his mother, the Holy Qur’an recommends that this child’s right be fully implemented and the full right to breastfeed for two years, as in the Almighty saying: “And parents put their children around for two whole years ….” ().
Milk has a strange effect on the child. If the mother’s milk is nutritious, it affects the strength of the child, as well as from the moral side, it leaves a strange effect on the child’s spirituality. The mother’s (spiritual) morale affects her milk more than it affects her pregnancy during pregnancy. Showed by the nursing mother, including:
1- That the mother be pious and not commit sins, especially during the breastfeeding period, so the mother should not contaminate her milk with lack of piety (backbiting – eating the dead). This affects the human heart and soul, and it affects laziness and lethargy, affects the milk, and the child drinks this milk that is contaminated with the moral spores. And the woman associated with Satan and not God, she poisoned her child.
2- If the mother avoids tension, if the mother sucks the child while she is upset and nervous, this affects the mind of the child or his body, therefore the breastfeeding woman should leave the tension aside, and the husband must manage his breastfeeding wife, and the woman must maintain her activity and never overlook.
3- Halal food, woe to milk that is prepared from the forbidden. If the milk is contaminated, i.e. the result of eating the forbidden is a fire in the child’s mouth ()

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