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Legislative measures to protect the child:

Legislative measures to protect the child:
Dr. Kwakib Al Fadhli
The Sharia has put in place several preventive measures to keep the fetus away from negative phenomena affecting its physical and psychological development. Among these measures are:
First: Attention to pregnant food: –
It is an established fact that the physical health of the fetus is directly proportional to the health of the mother. One of the factors affecting the health of the mother is food. We note that famine in some countries has had a clear impact on the health of the newborn. Physical weakness, physical ailments, and deformities in morals are due to starvation and malnutrition.
Therefore, the Prophet (PBUH) recommended that the people of the house (peace be upon him) pay attention to the food of a pregnant woman, and among these foods (quince)
The Messenger of God (PBUH) said, “Eat the quince, and if the eyesight rises and affection grows in the heart and feeds it with your ropes, it improves your children.” Grapes, raisins, legumes, chard, other fruits and vegetables, meat and mash.
In addition to preventing them from food that is harmful to physical and psychological health, such as dead meat, blood, pork and wine, and all that is prohibited in the Holy Qur’an and Sunnah forbidden foods and drinks.
Second: Paying attention to the mental health of the pregnant woman: –
1- Choosing a spacious home.
Imam al-Sadiq (peace be upon him) said: (Of happiness, the capacity of the house)
And he, peace be upon him, said: “The believer has comfort in the capacity of the house” ()
The effect of the house’s capacity on a person’s happiness from established facts and Islam encourages that. In the event that a man is unable to buy or rent a large house, he can reassure the wife to work and make an effort to get it and hoping for it or encourage her to have beautiful patience and what God Almighty prepared for them from Rewards and good deeds for what they suffer from poverty, as this makes them comfortable with peace even if the house is narrow.
2- Providing the necessary supplies to women
On the authority of Abdullah bin Atta, he said: (I entered Abu Ja`far (PBUH), and I saw in his house a pillow, pillows, patterns and facilities, so I said what is this? He said: (The woman’s goods) () It is necessary to provide the requirements that women need according to their ability and capabilities.
3- Good dealing with women
Good dealing with a woman, especially a pregnant woman, makes her live a happy life full of satisfaction, reassurance, psychological and spiritual stability, and good dealing will be with a good biography with her, being kind to her, listening to beautiful words, honoring her, and satisfying her material and spiritual needs. If the treatment is improved with her, her psychological and spiritual condition will be improved and reflected on the fetus. (2)

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