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Making Video Lectures

The Faculty of Education at the University of Kufa Holds a Workshop on Ways of Making Video Lectures
Faculty of Education / Information Section
The faculty of Education at the University of Kufa held a workshop on ways of making video lectures using (Camtasia Software).
The workshop included a lecture delivered by Abdul Hussein al-Fadhli in which he talked about how to use the tools in the program to make, recording, editing and producing videos of lectures delivered by the lecturer in the classroom. Al-Fadhili explained how to open and enter the program and control its tools from sound, image, effects, transfers and opening a small screen in the work project in addition to cutting, adding and deleting features.
Al-Fadhili stressed that this project aims to develop the educational process through the ease of students ’access to lectures after they are uploaded by the teacher on the (Moodle) website.

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