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Life at the university

Life at the university will be completely different from life in (middle school). In it:
Increased independence and personal responsibility means that the new level of maturity is an absolute necessity for the future of your life, whether you are studying, working or just living, you will be responsible for your destiny.
Adapt to college life
Prof. Muhammad Kazem Al-Fatlawi
Dear (male and female): University life is one of the main factors that constitute a successful and happy comprehensive experience through your ability to adapt to the university environment. It requires complete adaptation to university life. Adaptation: psychological and social and academic adaptation; means that you learn how to adapt between the duties and responsibilities that your role requires as a (university student) as it includes adaptation in the various aspects required of students during the new academic year, such as the ability to act individually Independent, to take initiative and deal with stress.
Adaptation is a continuous dynamic process that deals with behavior and the environment (natural and social) with change and modification until a balance occurs between the individual and his environment. This balance includes satisfying the needs of the individual, and achieving the requirements of the environment. It means an individual’s ability to acquire new behaviors and enhance a sense of belonging. Any kind of change, good or bad, leads to stress, and university can be a major change in life.
The transition from high school to university is an important milestone in a student’s life. This is the period during which students develop the ability to act individually and independently.
During this transition process, students indulge in new experiences such as leaving the house to attend university, moving away from home to study, mixing, and living in residential housing, and here requires independent living skills.
Another important aspect of this shift is that students who live away from home will have to learn how to make their own decisions in terms of academic responsibilities and career development.
The transition to adult life is a process in which one can find it difficult to adapt to change. However, the challenges and difficulties that students may encounter may vary from person to person. But some can adapt to changes in their conditions, and some people may find it more difficult to adapt to a new environment.
Therefore, it is quite natural to face challenges and problems and work to adapt to them in university life, especially during this transitional period. As the student is still not experienced in academic, social and psychological adjustment issues; some believe that he failed to achieve academic adjustment and responsibilities; he does not want to attend lectures often, and he feels unhappy or anxious despite the fact that he joined the university a few months ago. Least, it may go through a difficult time adapting to college life.
Tips for adapting to university study
The change may sound scary and difficult at first – but don’t worry; give yourself time to adjust to a new environment.
* Communicate with others at your university (your college). You may find that you are not the only one struggling to adapt to new circumstances (whether male or female students). Your colleagues may also be keen to share with you their experiences of difficulty in adapting to college life during the new year.
Talking to others can make you feel more relaxed and help you cope with your new life.
* Try to identify problems that hinder smooth adjustment.
* Developing different ways to deal with these issues.
* Allow yourself time to test these methods and see the results.
* Plan ahead for those first few lectures by making sure you know where you should be and when. This way, you will not press yourself with fear or delay.
* Make sure you have a lot of fixed tasks, so there will be a lot of note taking.
* If a detailed outline of the subject is given in the first lecture, be sure to read it until you are ready for what comes next.
* Manage your time and organize it properly with all your other activities.
* Learn about the library, it is a good place for independent learning, and it is a very useful place for learning about the developments of knowledge.
* do not worry! If you are worried about how to adapt to the university’s way of learning, as the days go by the vision becomes clear.
* You should not focus on studying alone, although your learning will focus on independent study, it is always important to get the most out of your teacher and colleagues and listen to their comments and suggestions, as meeting together in lectures and participating with your colleagues is a great way to learn new things and develop a work Your team and fun while studying at university.

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